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We are a London based, independent, international marketing vanguard.
An enthusiastic squad of men and women of action, devoted to the Cause: Your Success.
No frills, no hot air, no waste of time.
Only simple, effective, breaking solutions.

/ Rethink your marketing

Tough times? Tough markets?
Discover the unconventional power of unique, engaging and thought-provoking concepts to generate buzz and viral.
Get maximum results from minimal resources, creating memorable experience.
Interact directly with customers.
Reorganize to put cultivating emotional relationship ahead of building brands.

/ The Smash & Grab System®

Is a new, substantial combination of traditional and guerrilla marketing. It uses a mix of multichannel, experiential, undercover, viral, buzz and presence marketing to surprise, fascinate and involve the audience.
THE SMASH & GRAB SYSTEM® relies on time, energy and imagination rather than big budgets.
For new products launching or new markets attacking, ask for the ultimate version:
THE SHORTCUT PACKAGE®, a direct, turn – key Assault Campaign formula.
Use the hard hitting approach to get results quickly.

/ Be Inspired

Have a look at these brands.
Do you know them?


We do.

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